Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Eye Candy

At long last you can feast your eyes on my latest range of chocolate bar wrappers and moulds created for Moonstruck. Again, in collaboration with the guys at Sandstrom Partners in Oregon, I designed this new range to describe the picturesque location of the popular brand. Based in the leafy city of Portland, Moonstruck are proud of their roots and wanted the wrappers to depict the bridge and countryside that surrounds them. This time round, I also got to design the bar moulds for the actual chocolate to be poured into. See more here.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Prints

I have been getting all inky in preparation for a print show and exhibition we are having at the beginning of November in Dubai. This week I have been working on a new and improved aqua version of the illustration 'Kiss.' This and many more will be available to buy at the show (more details to come) or you can order it online here.

Wall Street Journal

Editorial illustration in Wall Street Journal last week to accompany an article on social networking sites.


Here is a brand new piece of lettering I have recently finished for Carolyn Turgeon's new book, Mermaid. I was commissioned by Headline to design the title lettering to look like a woman's hair, floating in the water.

Chocs away!

Very soon I will be posting a brand new range of chocolate bars I illustrated for Moonstruck this year. Until I get hold of the photos, here is a sneak preview of the designs I came up with for the actual bar moulds. In collaboration with Sandstrom Partners in Oregon, we designed both the packaging and the chocolate bars themselves for Moonstruck's Classic range. Share if you dare...